Lisette Marguerite’s wall pieces and installations consist of multiple layers, patterns and color arrangements derived from different visual motives that appear in leisure culture or in touristic sites across the world.

  Traveling at least three months per year and having lived in different big cities all over the globe, Marguerite developed particular interest in the way people behave at the beach. The beach is a place of fantasy, half way between water and land, a fluid place of slowing down and zooming out, of daydreaming, sweating and compulsively enjoying the moment. 

“The way we are forced to exchange our chosen fashionable ‘look’ that allows us to identify to the subculture we want to belong to, for a sort of ‘beach uniform’ changes our behavior and the way we see each other. I find that fascinating.”

Assimilating these patterns and this universal visual language, Lisette researches themes such as identity, belonging and the collective memory and takes you through different approaches on contemporary culture on a recognizable yet unfamiliar way.

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